Our Story

We spent the past years in the high-tech industry, leading global companies. We have worked with customers and suppliers everywhere around the globe and have faced many challenges and competitive markets. We are glad to say that we have done it successfully!

During the selling process of the last company in which we worked together, we felt that we wanted the next thing we do to be different.
It was clear to us that we wanted to do something that would be much bigger than us, that would have a positive impact on the world and particularly on Israel.

The vast majority of the energy the world consumes today comes from burning fossil fuels, mainly oil, coal and natural gas. Beyond the fact that these are exhaustible resources with limited reserves, they pollute the air we breathe and considerably contribute to global warming. The latter is the most serious problem we must face in the coming decades.

We decided that we were going to take part in the global effort to solve the problem, first by leading the field in Israel.
Therefore, Volta Solar was established with the mission to accelerate Israel’s transition to solar renewable energy.

The energy that reaches the earth from the sun in one hour is greater than the energy that humanity consumes in a year. The operation of solar panels is based on the photovoltaic effect that enables the energy from the sun to be converted into electricity in an efficient, clean and cheaper way than by any other means. We chose to focus on roofs, because they are already there – sunbathing. Houses, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, public buildings and more. All studies that were done, show that installing solar systems on rooftops alone can provide more than a third of Israel’s electricity.

Our idea is simple – do our best to cover every rooftop with a solar system. What does it mean to do our best?

  1. To provide an amazing customer experience that will make you tell all your friends about it.

  2. To engineer systems of the highest level, which will make your roof look nicer than ever.

  3. To make it the simplest and financially lucrative.

We invite you to join us in the revolution, you will find that the sun is hotter than ever 🙂

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Switch to solar energy and save thousands of shekels on your electric bill