What we don’t know about air pollution, could kill us

Enormous tsunami waves, house uprooting tornadoes, painful hailstorms –
Apocalyptic films depicting the spectacular demise of the earth have always tended to entertain us, but even if some of them are based on wild fantasies, they are based upon truth: our earth is deteriorating.

Not so funny.

Global warming affects the earth much faster than most people think.
Fact: the Earth’s surface temperature is rising consistently and steadily.
The recent years have been the hottest years on record since we’ve been recording the earth’s surface temperature.
2016 was awarded the dubious title of the hottest year. Ever.
So here we have it, validated factual proof for what we all feel – it really is much hotter here.

What causes the earth to warm up?

The rise in earth’s temperature is mainly due to the “greenhouse effect” – the heat we produce is trapped within the atmosphere and is not allowed to escape into space. Just like a blanket of the highest quality – hot and suffocating.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the earth’s temperature has risen by almost one degree (!) while the carbon dioxide level in the air is the highest it’s been in the last 800 thousand years.

Why is this happening?

Without a shadow of a doubt. The human factor.
Mankind makes excessive use of readily available and cheap energy sources – fossil fuels, including coal, oil and natural gas. Fuels that are millions of years old, whose production process and consumption release gases into the atmosphere, that have a direct impact on creating the greenhouse effect.
In addition, the available sources of natural gas and oil are not endless, even in the short term. Fossil fuel reserves will be sufficient for less than 100 years, while coal is available only in deep underground layers.
So, to be honest, at this rate the circuit breaker is going to jump, and pretty soon.

Moving to renewable energy

Fortunately, global and local trends of recent years are likely to alter this situation.
Solar systems that produce photovoltaic energy are becoming a preferred alternative for electricity production from renewable energy sources.
This is primarily because the world already understands that producing energy from fossil fuels is the number one cause of disease and death.
Studies conducted over decades in major cities around the world show that more dying people live in polluted environments.

How does air pollution affect the human body?

Air pollution from coal-fired power plants is the world’s leading contaminator, causing more hospital visits, more hospitalizations, and the use of more medication.

Air pollution has been found to cause stroke, heart disease, lung disease, asthma in children and lung cancer.
Incidentally, this morbidity data is relevant not only to humans. Global warming is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of animals due to river pollution, reduced water sources and radical weather changes.
Air pollution also has painful economic effects. As a result of the severe health consequences, air pollution in Israel costs taxpayers (us) and the state billions of shekels each year.

Nevertheless, the forecast is: optimistic

Environment-changing trends are taking root throughout the world. The past decade marks a major breakthrough in the production of photovoltaic energy.
The solar industry is no longer a niche player. It is the most promising prospect for the electricity market, with tremendous activity and momentum throughout the world. According to forecasts, by 2050 solar will be the largest electricity producer in the world.

The results are felt.
In areas of the world where measures to improve air quality were implemented, the health of the population was directly enhanced: fewer sick days, fewer hospitalizations and fewer premature deaths were all reported.

It is actually happening – and happening now.

Do you want to be part of the revolution? To contribute to cleaner air and save thousands of shekels a year on electricity costs?