How does a solar system work and what is solar energy at all?

It was here before us and will remain long after us. Because of it everything we know exists. It, from among the billions of stars in the sky, provides us with light, heat and energy every single day. Thank you, Sun.

Our sun is mainly composed of hydrogen (74%) and helium (24%), making it a very hot and flammable ball. The average temperature on the sun’s surface is about 5,500 degrees. Sounds hot? Its core temperature reaches 15 million degrees. What does this have to do with us? During the fission process, the sun emits small energy units called photons, which travel about 150 million kilometers to the earth, in about 8.3 minutes. In one single hour, enough photons reach the earth to generate solar electricity that could supply the energy needs of the entire world for a year.

Currently, electricity generated from solar energy accounts for less than 3%  of the energy production in Israel. Also, solar panel technology is improving and the price of installing a solar system is lower than eveк.

How do solar panels work?

When photons hit the solar cell, they release electrons from its atoms. When conductors are attached to both sides of the cell, the positive and the negative, an electric circuit is created. The electrons move in the electric circuit and create an electric current. This is, in fact, electricity that can supply the needs of the household. Several cells combined produce a solar panel, and a number of panels can be joined together into a system. The more solar panels that are connected to each other, the more energy can be generated.

What are solar panels comprised of?

Solar panels based on photovoltaic technology are actually comprised of many solar cells. Each solar cell consists of silicon, which is a semiconductor, and conductors on either side that form an electric field.

So how do solar panels generate electricity?

The photons hitting the solar cell cause movement of electrons which produces a direct electrical current (DC), in which the electrons move in one direction within the circuit. The direct current must be converted to alternating current (AC) which is used in Israel’s electricity grid because the cost of transmitting it long distance is lower. In this current the electrons are pushed and pulled, so that their direction changes repeatedly, like the piston of a car’s motor.
How is the DC converted into AC? By using a solar converter.

What is, actually, a solar converter?

The solar converter uses the direct current from the solar cells to generate an alternating current. The converter is actually the brains of the system. In addition to converting the current, it also provides a comprehensive fire safety solution by automatically disconnecting the current, it enables real time monitoring of system performance and it makes the panels smart.
Volta Solar uses advanced SolarEdge converters, which, maximize the system’s output by connecting an optimizer to every solar panel. With a standard converter, the weakest panel reduces the performance of the other panels in the system. Our solution enables the optimization of every panel, and therefore generates more energy at any given moment.

So how does an entire solar system work?

First, the sun’s rays (photons) hit the solar panels located on the roof of the house. The panels turn the photons into a direct current, which flows through an electric cable to the converter. The converter converts the DC into AC and transfers it through an electric cable to the electric cabinet in the house, and from there to all the different household appliances. The process is simple, green and more economical than ever.


You can see here  how to use at night the solar energy that you produced during the day – under Net Metering Regulation..

A final word about the warranty – of the system, the components and the output.

All of our customers receive full manufacturers’ warranty on the various components:

  1. 1. Solar panels – 25 years
  2. אופטימייזרים – 2. Optimizers – 25 years/li>
  3. 3. Solar converter – 12 years, with an option to extend it to 25 years

Also, we at Volta Solar want you to feel that switching to solar energy was the best decision you’ve ever made. Therefore, in addition to the manufacturers’ warranty, we give you a full guarantee on the output that was promised during the design of the system. We commit to meeting the pre-agreed production targets.


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