A 50 square meter roof can yield a double-digit return and save thousands of shekels a year on electricity costs.

The size of the system will depend on the annual electricity consumption and the available roof area.

Every 3 panels installed on a roof area of about 10 square meters produce electricity worth 900 shekel per year.

Concrete / tiled / galvanized tin roofs are all suitable for installing a solar system

Nothing, we will take care of everything. Volta Solar will handle the entire licensing process for you – the electrical plan, constructor approval, electrical engineer approval, registration at the Ministry of Interior, registration at the Ministry of Energy, coordination with the IEC, local council approval – professionally, quickly and efficiently.

Proceed as usual! We will plan for you a system that will balance your annual electricity consumption, meaning that the blazing sunny days will compensate for the nights and winter days, so that your electricity will be provided using the credit you accumulated with the electric company. If your consumption exceeds your accumulated credit, the Electric Company (IEC) will be paid according to the domestic electricity rates.

The contract with IEC is not limited in time.

It is recommended to clean the panels every six months and perform a maintenance check once every two years. We will be happy to provide these services for you as part of the VoltaFriends plan.

The actual installation on the roof takes between one and three days, but the entire process takes 3 months due to all the necessary approvals from the various government offices.

You can monitor your system’s performance online from any device. We will be happy to provide tracking and monitoring services as part of the VoltaFriends plan, which includes ongoing monitoring of the system’s output, monthly production reports, warning of any malfunctions or problems in the system, remote troubleshooting and, if necessary, a technical service person that will arrive to your home to repair the system.

The system has a life span of 25 years, but a well designed and properly installed system can provide energy for more than 30 years. The system does not contain moving parts or liquids, and therefore the wear is very low. Design, installation and proper maintenance will ensure a long life span and maximum efficiency.

There is a 25-year warranty on the solar panels (10 years full warranty and another 15 years warranty on production output) and a 10-year warranty on the converter.

The photovoltaic receptors work with direct current (DC) and pose no danger in terms of non-ionizing radiation. The system’s voltage converter produces little radiation, but poses no actual danger.

Absolutely. Insurance can be purchased from us or from your insurance agent. Today, insurance companies offer insurance coverage for solar systems as part of the supplementary insurance policies. The insurance covers fracture damages, weather damages and insurance against loss of income in case of repair.

Any other questions? Talk to us, we'll be happy to help!

Any other questions? Talk to us, we'll be happy to help!

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