Why is a home solar system the best investment for your family?

Those who have already installed home solar systems see the results in their reduced electric bill.
Incidentally, they are also helping to save the world

Solar home system

2017 is undoubtedly the most significant year in solar energy production.

Millions of families in China, Japan, the US, Germany and Europe have already chosen a solar life, demonstrating a huge vote of confidence in a profitable and innovative market.

Why do they do this? Because installing home solar systems produce:

> More money in the bank (due to lower energy costs);

> Less dependence on electric companies and their ever-increasing prices; and

> No less important – an actual contribution to the minimization of environmental damage;

And as in the world, Israeli mainstream households have been long choosing solar systems – certainly not just the environmental activists.

By using these systems, more and more families take responsibility for creating a healthier environment, and while doing so, save tens to hundreds of thousands of shekels. So, what is new in the field of home solar systems?

  • Taxes on the construction and maintenance of a home solar system have been canceled;

  • Bureaucratic procedures that cost time and money have been eliminated; and

  • Technology has improved and solar system prices have dropped significantly;

As a result, home solar systems have become a popular investment for many families.

So why a solar system now?

Significant monthly savings in electricity costs is one good reason. Here are several other good reasons.

1. Financial savings from the very first moment

Home solar systems begin to return the investment for installation from the first moment of operation.

Israel enjoys a powerful sun, long warm months and many hours of daylight. These are ideal conditions for home solar systems, which independently generate energy throughout the day. This is the same energy that we no longer need to buy from external sources, such as the Electric Company.

2. An investment with a much higher return than the alternatives on the market.

While the real estate market rises or falls and capital markets swing, one element stays stable and will remain so. The sun.

As stated, Israel‘s natural energy resource is one of the most efficient in the world. This efficiency if felt directly in the investor’s pocket.

The average annual return on investment of a home solar system ranges from 11% to 14% for 25 years, depending on the characteristics of the roof and its surroundings. Not bad at all for an investment with such low risk.

מערכת סולארית ביתית ההשקעה הטובה ביותר
Solar system in Kiryat Tivon

3. The investment cost is returned quite quickly.

Investing in a home solar system is one of the quickest way to recoup your the installation costs.

The more energy you generate, the more you reduce your electric bill, even down to zero.

With proper installation of a quality system, after 6 to 8 years, you could reap net savings for the entire life of the system (about 25 years)..

4. Financial independence from the constantly increasing price of electricity.

The price of electricity has increased by 15% over the last 7 years. The Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water has determined that electricity prices in Israel are likely to keep rising consistently. Why is this happening? Because our modern lives keep demanding more and more. Energy.

And why is energy so expensive?

Because the demand for electricity increases every year, while the prices of fossil fuels are constantly changing. This is why we all pay more today. And will pay more in the future. Except the owners of home solar systems, of course. Switching to solar energy provides immunity to the changing prices of electricity, which are expected to keep on rising.

5. And one thing more. The world in which we live.

The pollution we produce is not solely the concern of environmental activists. The pollution we personally produce affects us in our daily life and is responsible for causing disease and death.

Do you want to protect the environment and save thousands of shekels every year?

Domestic production of electricity from solar energy contributes to cleaner air, financial savings and is a real personal contribution to a healthier environment.

Contact us today, and we will check if your house is suitable for a home solar system.